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Hitman Drums 2

Hitman Drums 2

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400 Drum Samples

Hitman Drums vol.2 is a collection of hard-hitting drums for modern Rap and Hip Hop beats. I made these by layering my drum machines with recorded material. A kick and car door, A clap and potato chip bag... The included sounds will get you up and running fast, and you can build your own kits as quick as you can click.

WAV SamplesReason ReFill


You get: Reason ReFill & MultiFormat WAV

MultiFormat Contents:

  • 400 wav samples

Reason ReFill Contains:

  • 40 full ReDrum kits (no repeat samples)
  • 40 ReDrum "Tom-only Sets"
  • 40 NN-XT Kits
  • 4 Combinators

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