-008' HipHop Drum Bundle

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-008' HipHop Drum Bundle - -008' ReFIlls & Sounds

Save 50% with the Boom Bap Bundle! Over 1200 Original, HipHop Drum Samples & Sounds

A -008' Sounds Classic! This bundle contains over 1200 original hiphop drum samples and sounds, hand-cut by -008' himself.

Great drums are a MUST when it comes to making Rap, HipHop and BoomBap style beats. You will find some favorites in here that make this your new secret weapon.

This bundle contains 3 Classic -008' Titles:

Crates vol. 2 contains over 300 Vinyl Drum Shots & Samples. These drums will save you massive amounts of time, money and editing! The best of the best in hip hop drums.

Hitman Drums vol.2 is a collection of 400 hard-hitting drums for modern Rap and Hip Hop beats. The included sounds will get you up and running fast, and you can build your own kits as quick as you can click!

HipHop WorkShop is inspiration for your fingers! Like food for your drum pads. A huge kit of custom drums, stabs and sounds from the lab of -008'. This is all about having a "full 16" at your fingertips when you sit down at the pads for your next hit! Contents: Over 480 Samples.


You will recieve ALL AVAILABLE FORMATS: 
 Reason ReFill |   MultiFormat WAV

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