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RE Fuel - Antidote TrapSoul

RE Fuel - Antidote TrapSoul

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TrapSoul patches for Antidote.

Spaced out pads, drifting keys, leads, bass and fx in the style of Bryson Tiller, 6lack, Travis Scott type beats, etc. 

You must own Reason and the Antidote Rack Extension to use this ReFill.

  • 120 Antidote Rack Extension patches
  • Focus on genres like: TrapSoul, and Modern R&B
  • 25 Keys / 25 Pads / 25 FX / 25 Leads / 20 Bass 


Reason ReFill 1 ReFill

  120 Antidote PatchesRack Extension Patches

The beat below uses 5 patches from this ReFill, started from a Cirrus MIDI file, and uses Innuendo for the drum sounds.

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