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-008' Sounds



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Unearthly Soundscapes, Ambience, Samples & Patches. 

Make music from noise...

Unusual sources and samples are expertly cut, tuned and looped to create new, crazy textures and sounds. Deep rumbles, noisy instruments and even custom Impulse Response samples for your reverb, adds up to what can only be described as an "Alien Air".

Dissonance + Sonata = Dissonata

Easily create your own custom "noisescapes"

Add tension and interest to pretty much anything. Its incredibly simple to use. By Combining samples and patches you can create out-of-this-world textures and atmospheres. You will love the otherworldly results while still having tons of creative control. Try it!

Add something unique to your productions

Load any "Looped" sample into your favorite software sampler like NN-XT, DirectWave, Ableton's Sampler/Simpler etc.. Sometimes all your beat is missing is a little "atmosphere" to add tension and interest. Dissonata delivers!

Dissonata Contains:

79 Wav Samples - Including: Deep Cuts, Impulse Resonses; Looped: Noise; Chord & Notes.

16 "Deep Cuts" - long soundscapes, from 33s up to 1m 48s. Nearly 15 minutes of playing time!

55 Instrument Samples & Patches - Perfectly trimmed and looped for playing in your software sampler

26 "Scenes" - Combining multiple sounds for awesome results

8 Custom Impulse Responses - Insane Reverb food. :)

All samples are 24bit
You will recieve ALL AVAILABLE FORMATS: 
Reason ReFill Reason ReFill | MultiFormat WAV Samples MultiFormat WAV


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