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Blasphemous Bass

808 Sub God is the perfect 808 Sub kit for modern Trap, R&B, DirtySouth, etc. These 808 Subs are expertly edited and go from clean to filthy, while maintaining a powerful low end. If you are looking to make heavy 808 Sub beats in the style of: Trap, Rap, HipHop, EDM, etc..then this is your kit!

50 Custom 808 Subs

  • 10 Amp'd - Driven and Dirty
  • 10 Clean'd - Perfect Subs
  • 10 Crush'd - Bit-reduction
  • 10 Destroy'd - No-holds-barred 
  • 10 Sub'd - Extreme Low-End

Made for beats, not from them. 

Unlike similar 808 sub kits out there, SubGod includes tuned, full-length samples so that you have the complete freedom to pitch, bend, chop etc. Other 808 sub kits on the market are: poorly balanced, poorly trimmed, poor excuses for 808 subs.


What's different about these 808 subs?

  • Expertly edited.  no clipping, no extra silence on the tails
  • Full-length wavs. long, natural decays with no truncated ends
  • Tuned to match keys. accurate use and easy swapping
  • The competition's kits don't hit like this! 

Download Demo Sounds: 5 808 Subs - one from each category

MultiFormat Sounds MultiFormat WAVs

24bit WAV | Compatible with all software such as Ableton Live, Reason, FL Studio, Logic, Studio One, etc.

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