20 Free Synchronous RE Patches

Synchronous Patches

Synchronous Timed Effect Modulator 

¡Happy Synchro de Mayo! 🍺 🌮

I realized that I have been using a lot more of the propellerhead Synchronous RE lately. Drop almost any Synchronous patch onto almost any Pad and blend the wet/dry to taste. Instant "moving" Pads. As an effect it goes with nearly anything as you can always blend the wet/dry for just enough rhythmic energy to a track.

 I also like to use it on Rex perc Loops. Best of all is flipping the Reason rack around and sending the Curves' CV back to parameters (Filter Freq, Modifiers, etc) on a synth or track that it is effecting (or a different track/fx entirely) Sometimes I might not even be interested in its 4 onboard FX, and I just want it for it's easy-to-draw curves.

Ahhh.. timed effect modulations, what don’t they work on? 😎

Here is a pack of 20 FREE Synchronous patches that I made to share with you guys. Click the RE icon or Download them here

Synchronous Rack Extension Patches

First time here? You can also DL all of my free kits and patches at once below. 👇

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