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CorrecTime ReFill

This free Reason ReFill contains 5 folders: 

  • Blank Templates - These are the blank templates to load your own kits from. 6 total. 3 for Kong and 3 for Redrum (Kong is reccomended!) v1.0 is Straight quantize, v1.1 is Shuffle and, v1.2 is Note Repeat.
  • Combi Examples -  There are 11 Combi Examples. 6 (1.0) for straight quantizing and, 4 (1.1) for Shuffle and 1 pseudo-Euclidean Rhythms patch.
  • Insert FX 10 Insert FX. 5 factory based and 5 RE from the Blamsoft Resampler and The SofTube Saturation Knob. This let's us further fake "the feel" by faking "the sound" too! {PLEASE NOTE: there ain't no fakin'"the funk"}
  • Kong Kits - These are the 6 Kong Kits from the Examples folder. Different layouts/pad choices to inspire your own. 3 are modeled, 2 are sampled and, 3 are FSB examples.
  • Samples32 .wav Samples I made to include as examples. 16 x 2 for the 8o8 and Vinyly Kit

Greeting my fellow Reason users! This free Reason ReFill mimics the time correction function invented by Roger Linn. He included it in the first Linn drums and, carried this feature with him to the Akai MPC and even today, on to the Tempest. As far as I know, it has been included in every drum machine he has ever designed since 1979, by one name or another. To put it simply, T.C. or Timing-Correct is a real-time, auto-quantizing feature that even allows for shuffle. From my limited research, it's usually in chapter 3. ;)

How can we do this in Reason?
The input quantize feature currently available in Reason 6.5 (Quantize During Recording) only corrects recorded notes. Furthermore, that method only works destructively. Meaning, you hear exactly what you play but, what you playback has been permanently quantized. There is nothing wrong with that but, my attempt to re-create this function is a bit different.
You will only hear the "fixed" notes, in real-time as you play or record. The sequencer does not need to be running but if it is, you will find it easier to "lock down" especially with a metronome or background perc loop etc. This method is non-destructive meaning, your original, un-quantized performance is what gets recorded to the sequencer. (albeit, it will be "muffed up" due to playing "un-naturally" through live quantize. Fair warning!)

BONUS: This patch also "fixes" incoming MIDI (ex. the Note Repeat on your MPD) from your devices or controllers!
CorrecTime ReFill
^old screenshot!^ Note Repeat now has it's own combis. It is just too easy to copy/paste Kong Kits and Pads from one track to another so, breaking up the functions into separate combis seemed to be the best way to achieve what we want.

This utility was made for a single Kong, having our 16 Pads independently controlled by 16 Thors. You can "CorrecTime" at multiple different "straight" resolutions and, even get that live MPC swing at 1/8 and 1/16's, like the machines. Just load your own Kong patches, Kits, Samples, etc. into the blank Kong in the Combinator. From there you can make independent pad settings, if you want to disable it on one pad while, changing the resolution for another etc.

The idea here is being able to write your Kong sequences much faster but, it's a bit like "performance writing", especially when you are making styles with quantized beats like: Electro, Dance, Rap, Dirty South, or Hip Hop for that good ol' Shuffle. Just set your tempo and go! I found that having a musical loop or click track in the background is the best place to start. (Please feel free to join the discussion here or at the Props forum and, i'll help you through it if you are having trouble!)


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