70s Gold

ReFill Contains:

  • 40 AUTHENTIC 70's Wav Samples
  • 2 Player Combis (ALL or Single Samp)
  • Tape Fx Insert

To celebrate the release of –008’ Hitman Drums vol.2 in the Prop Shop! I give to you my latest Free ReFill: -008’ Seventies Gold. These are AUTHENTIC 70s samples from my Dads Band!

More Info:
These samples are from an original recording circa: Nineteen Seventy Somethin'! They are free and clear (Pops said it's cool man!) It was recorded to a real Reel-to-Reel, and then down to a cassette. I edit-ized and processedulated in the computer and that explains the [AAD] Analog Analog Digital. The Full-Frequency, Hi-Fidelity, Ultra-Phonic, Stereo-Vision was provided at no extra charge! ;) A small PDF manual is also included in the .zip. Get at me if you need any help.

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