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RaNdOm HanDrUM

Double O'eight

Combinator Info:

    • Matrex Rextrix [RUN] - Matrix & Rex fun. Careful with those curves!
    • Multisamp - Velocity arranged slices. Small but fun
    • Percul8in' - Gluttonous overuse of rpg-8
    • Alt Fills - Fast off beat, 2 keys at a time works best. C1 to B1
    • FSB Twerk(FSB Example) - Factory Sound Bank, 3 Note Patch C1 to D1
    • Redrum Pattern Player(and empty) - Browse slice samples, step sequence your patterns, & play

My cohort recently sent me a 3 min 28 sec recording he made of a handrum. He said it was only a "warmup" type track, but I thought it sounded great! First, I ReCycled the file and made a bunch of loops. I then used those rex files to build the combinators, and now we have the "Random Handrum". MODE (Rotary) and HOLD (Button) are the most important things to remember.

More info is in the PDF inside the .zip file

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