Clap Machine

-008’ Clap Machine is a FREE Reason ReFill, made especially for big layered/stacked claps. It contains a combinator patch (and an NN-XT) made from 20 custom -008’ claps.

Ranges key C1 to G2 - you can play chords or random groups of notes and really get huge claps in no time. Open the combi and tweak the EQ or add patch to the RV-7000 etc...

Rotary 1 = Wider – simple delay stereo effect.
Rotary 2 = Tube Damage (Button 2 = Tube Off/On)
Rotary 3 = Thunk Filter knob is a filter for Thor percussion noise, to supplement the claps....or not.
(Button 3 = Mute Thunk) This uses ch.3 in the combi’s mixer.Adjust level there.
Rotary 4 = Reverb Send Simple Aux, load or make your reverbs in the RV-7000!
(Button 4 Reverb Off/On)

Ok, go light up a new beat and roll some claps into it for me ;) Get @ me if you need further assistance. & Xtra big upps to Mike B. for the idea!

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