Free Reason ReFills -

Space Fights

Here is a FREE Reason 6 ReFill. Inspired by a certain movie about wars in the stars. These are combinators made entirely from Reason's devices and effects. There are NO samples whatsoever of the: movie, dialouge, sound fx etc. It's pure Reason Sound FX & Foley!

ReFill Contains:

  • 50 Combinator patches

The ReFill is separated into two sections: 1. Patches in which I emulate the original fx and 2. Patches from scratch, that are "inspired by" the theme. Play them all over but try around the middle. (C3-C4 keys)

There may be a patch or 2 (3 or 4?) that makes use of a Pulverizer or The Echo. Reason 4 and 5 users should still be able to use 95% of this ReFill. :) Big ups to @semajforeman who inspired me to do this! May the Force be with you, Use the Share links below & spread the word!

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