Urban Tech 1

Audio Demo is %100 made from ReFill:


Over 100 dirty-future-gutter-electro-rap Reason patches. Malstrom, Subtractor & Thor, with Combinators for different uses. These are NOT the same old .wav synth loops, these are living, breathing synths and fx in Reason.

  • Basses
  • Leads
  • Synths
  • -008' Radio FX
These patches are in their simplest form for maximum tweaking. I've also included some -008' Combinators to get you started on your own sound design excursions. Patches such as: -Radio Builder -Stop & Go -Stereoizer will have you building endless variations for your own. There are also a few Combinators built from Reason's Factory Bank, to show how to get the most out of the library you already own. The 4 .RNS Song files and the drumkit (from the audio demo) are also included.
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