RE Fuel - Antidote TrapSoul

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PLEASE NOTE: You must own Reason and the Antidote Rack Extension (v 1.2.8 or higher) to use this ReFill.


  • 120 Antidote Rack Extension patches by -008'
  • Focus on genres like: TrapSoul, FutureSoul and Modern R&B
  • 25 Keys / 25 Pads / 25 FX / 25 Leads / 20 Bass 

Spacey pads, drifting keys, leads, bass and fx in the style of Bryson Tiller, 6lack, Travis Scott type beats, etc. 


Reason ReFill 1 ReFill

  120 Antidote PatchesRack Extension Patches

The beat below uses 5 patches from this ReFill, started from a Cirrus MIDI file, and uses Innuendo for the drum sounds.

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