RE Fuel - Parsec Pads & Keys

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PLEASE NOTE: You must own Reason 10 and the Parsec 2 Rack Extension to use this ReFill.

UPDATE: Added 40 Combinators and .PDF Guide

Get some new Keys and Pads for Parsec! Suitable for most all modern genres. These patches great on their own, and also ideal for stacking together or layering with pianos like ID8 or Radical Piano. 

  • Parsec Rack Extension patches
  • 40 Keys
  • 40 Pads
  • 40 Combinator "Stacks"

Download Contains:

Reason ReFill 1 ReFill

  120 Patches: 80 Parsec Patches + 40 CombisRack Extension Patches


Made with Reason 10 and Parsec 2.0.3

The beat below uses a single Pad and Key from this ReFill ...along with Drums from the Innuendo Kit.

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