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  IN YOUR FACE drum samples and kits, with bonus stabs and fx.

 These drums are perfect for all electronic genres including: Trap, Hip Hop & Rap, Dubstep, Electro, etc. 

Sometimes you need hard hitting, nasty, electro-style futuristic drums for your next masterpiece. Beatbot Drums has those BIG FUGLY DRUM SOUNDS


Listen to these demos!

BeatBot Contents

FULL 16 Pads x 20 Kits = 320 Sounds

MultiFormat Sounds MultiFormat WAVs include:

 300 Wav Drum Samples
 20 Kicks
 20 Snares
 20 Claps
 40 Hats [closed & open]
 60 Toms [hi, mid, lo]
 60 Percussion
 20 Percussion Rex Loops
 60 Special-FX One Shots
 20 Cymbals


Reason ReFill Reason ReFill Includes:

 Everything listed in the WAV folder above +
 20 "Dry" Kong Kits
 20 "FX" Kong Kits
 320 Kong pad patches [w/FX]
 FX Shots SoundBoard Combi
 Percussion SoundBoard Combi

All formats are included: Reason ReFill | MultiFormat WAV