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ReJoice! I have added the Reason ReFill format to Innuendo Drums. This update is FREE for all previous owners and contains the original 100 WAV samples,  plus:  10 Drum Sequencer Patches 10 Kong Kits 10 Grain 808 Patches 10 Umph Club Kits  The patches and kits are well balanced with each other. Drum Sequencer patches are programmed as Main Loops, Variations, Intro/Breaks. The Kong Kits are included for those that don't own the Umph Club RE.  Download the demo Reason files on product page

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Here's what I think of Selig Audio's Rack Extensions for Reason users...

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I got a Volca Beats in my stocking this year! Right away, I reached for Reason to send some MIDI-out to the Volca...

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