Reason 8.3 - Free Update

That was fast! Reason 8.3 dropped today and with their new update system I had .3 going in a couple minutes. (autoupdate FTW!) Standout features in this release:
  • Detached rack window can now have a separate browser panel.
  • Adds convolution mode to RV7000 reverb.
  • Zoom to Selection function (for zooming in on selected clips or notes.)
  • Buttons for setting MIDI focus to a device directly from the rack.

Convolution in RV7000 is a most welcome addition. Setting MIDI focus from rack is a long-requested feature that I am very glad to see. Zoom to selection is nice too, but next time i hear "zoom" announced in an update I want it to be for devices! I'm greedy like that. ;) There are many more fixes and tweaks in Reason 8.3, Check out the links to propellerhead listed below.


Source: Reason 8.3 is here – Blog – Propellerhead

Read finer details on the update here: 8.3 Release Notes @ propellerhead

RV7000MKII ReFill: 

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