RE Must-Haves | #1: Selig Audio

Double O'eight

I have quite a few Rack Extensions by now so I thought I should post on my favorite ones in an ongoing segment called "RE Must-Haves". This is not a paid endorsement or aynthing like that. These are just some of the new RE for Reason that I think are: useful, indispensable or just plain bitchin'. My own personal favorites I guess you'd say. Β 

First up is Selig's stuff . To put it simply, these have become like "indespensible mixing utilities" to me, so I figure it will be easy to write about them. :)

Selig Gain Gain & Pan Control Β Selig Leveler Audio Level Control Selig DeEsser Sibilance Control
gain leveler deesser


Selig Gain

This one is the most "tool-like" of the three IMO. Very practical handling of gain, among other things. Put simply, it gives you much more control over your gain staging in Reason. Bonus: this device gives control over the pan laws too.

leveler rack
Selig Leveler

I tend to use this most on vocals...probably because those are always my most wildly fluctuating tracks, with regards to the levels. I use it just like the directions on the rear panel say: calibrate first, set target and then let it do it's business.

deess rack
Selig DeEsser

Another one mostly for vocals, obviously. Pretty straightforward here, de-ess with no stress. I think it has to be the easiest and most effecient de-ess plug i have ever used. To have the sibilance completely separated from the signal is an awesome thing.


That's it for my first short and simple review. Selig Audio creates very practical and smart Rack Extensions and now that I have them, I really can't imagine mixing in Reason without them. This is why I've opened this segment with them, and they are 5 out of 5 for me. Β Read more about their features on the individual product pages, and try them for yourself.

More about the devices... Selig Audio @ propshop

More about Selig Audio... Selig Audio official siteΒ 

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