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TickTick RE Patch for Volca Beats

VolcaBeats + tickticksm

I love the kick. Not so fond of the snare...but upon researching, I see that there is an easy fix that sounds great, so I'll do that later. ;) Right away, I reached for Reason to send some MIDI-out to the Volca. I grabbed a Redrum, but this box has some weird default note numbers (or maybe redrum does) so I just pulled up a Tick Tick Step Sequencer and quickly scanned, labeled and adjusted to taste. With the patch saved, I can now quickly pull that up whenever I want to run Reason MIDI out the Volca.

I thought I'd share the patches I made for it, for any other Reason-using, TickTick-owning, VolcaBeats-havin' fools like me out there. There are two patches, same setup. One is [TickTick - Empty .repatch] and the other [TickTick - Test Pattern .repatch]

 Download the Tick Tick Volca .repatch files here.



  • Don't forget the EMI [External MIDI Instrument], set to MIDI channel 10
  • Edit MIDI Note assignments and labeling from rear panel of TickTick
  • If you dont have a Volca, you can still use this TickTick technique for whatever midi stuff you have lying around. Simply adjust your notes, label the lanes accordingly and save the .repatch file

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