Analog D.I.Y. TR-808 BD

Double O'eight

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-008' 808 BD

I love the Roland Tr-808. 

Who doesn't? The kick, the snare, clap...even the rimshot. So when I saw a small, D.I.Y. 808 BD Clone circuit, I jumped on it! This was a fairly easy build. I found the perfect case: small and sloped with a 2x9v battery cradle. Once I had all the parts it only took about a day to put together.

Some might say that this project is not for beginners because the PCB is very small but I did ok and I am definitely a beginner!

jmej @ Tindie says "This is a near exact clone of the famous kick drum from the classic tr-808 drum machine. The only changes are for facilitating the common mods (extended decay and a pitch pot), and a slightly more flexible trigger input."

I'm a fool for the branding uh? This case has: the power switch, led indicator, Frequency, Tone, Decay and, the pushbutton, in a nice -008' logo configuration. Custom Kloom. Branded Boom. Yeah, I'm a nerd.


PCB was $25. Parts were about $15. After that, all you need is a case. This unit also works at +/-12v or +/-15v and, most people are building them for their analog modular rack systems. Jesse at Anesthetic Audio:

You can buy a PCB at Tindie:

Build thread @ Muffwigglers: 

Enough talk, you want to hear it kick, right?

Here is a little snippet of me fooling around with it. I just pulled up some Beat Trigger Rex's and started kickin' and samplin' away...

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