-008` Demo Beat | Disco School ReFill

If you ever asked, emailed, or tweeted me about "old school samples" you should read and view and listen to the presentations at Propellerheads. (and while you're at it check out Soul School too)

Sampling disco (and soul,funk,jazz etc) is where hip hop and rap beats started, but now with stuff like these refills we have: expertly recorded, clearance-free, clean, wide open samples to work with...and that is groovy.

Here is the original Demo Beat I made using ONLY the Disco School ReFill.

Disco School ReFill

Propellerheads Disco School ReFill

View it's product page here: https://shop.propellerheads.se/product/reason-disco-school/


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Nice work.


That’s what I’m looking for. Man that’s what’s up.

Big Herm

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